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How to pack for a trip to the Costa Blanca

Spain Travel Must-Haves and Add-ons

In just a few weeks, my little sister is coming to visit us here in Spain for 10 days! I’m so excited to spend some time together, explore more of Spain, and get a few nights of free babysitting.

However, like many others, my sister is not sure what or how to pack for a season where the weather is unpredictable and our plans are not set in stone. I knew she would need some help, but I also knew there would be people out there like her who needed some guidance. So without further ado, here are my must-haves (and must-not-haves) for a week on the coast of Spain.

Must Haves:

First, let’s start with quality luggage. If you already have great luggage, disregard this, but I knew when we moved that we’d need something that could handle multiple flight changes as well as something that would fit any airline requirements for size. We got one of these for each of my kids in a different color. I am pretty adamant about my love for hardshell luggage, as I end up trying to overstuff anything that isn’t hardshell and busting zippers.

These are sturdy, easy for my kids to maneuver themselves despite being incredibly sleep-deprived, and come in such a wide variety of colors everyone was happy. They also fit the exact size requirements for all three of the different airlines we flew to get here from the States making it a win for me.

Snag the Rockland luggage we love here.

On that note, no packing list is complete for me without proper packing cubes. I seriously think they might be one of my love languages. This set, like the luggage above, came with multiple color options, so each of my family members knew what belonged to them (incredibly handy when we spent 2.5 weeks living in a hotel). Packing cubes may seem silly if you have never used them, but I promise they will make your life so much easier (175% easier if you’re a mom). There are a million varieties at various price points, but these are my favorite:

Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes

Okay, you’ve got your luggage, carry-on, and packing cubes.
Now, what to put inside?
Here are my must-haves no matter when you’re visiting.

Placa Reial in Barcelona
  1. Quality hard-soled shoes. This is important even if you’re coming in the summer. I didn’t realize how important until we got here. The streets and sidewalks are rocky, to say the least, and even where there are sidewalks, you run the risk of stumbling upon an area that has hard cobblestone walkways. Trust me, pack the good shoes. (These are my faves. Bonus, they’re very in style here.)
  2. A good jacket. I don’t mean a hoodie. (Though, I love mine. I’m pretty sure having more than 3 in my closet qualifies me as a professional writer now.) I mean something you can wear over a basic T to keep warm, but also over your sundress to style it up a little. I’m a huge fan of packing items I can utilize more than once so that I’m not taking up a ton of room in my suitcase with things I’ll only wear once. Grab something versatile like a blazer, denim, or leather jacket.
  3. TWO swimsuits. I am a firm believer that if you’re going anywhere that you might need a swimsuit, ALWAYS pack two. You never know what the situation is going to be with getting one suit dry, and you don’t want to be left out of the fun, or worse, have to put back on a wet suit. cringe
  4. Jeans. Yes. Depending on where you’re visiting and with whom, you can choose the cut and style, but definitely have a pair of good jeans. You can add heels to spice it up, or throw on your trainers and explore the city.
  5. Sundress or light flirty outfit that you feel fab in. I made the mistake of not packing any dresses in my luggage when we moved to Spain thinking that we’d have our shipping container in 6 weeks and I could go without. Now that Spring is here and my clothes are not, I am longing to throw on something fun and flirty for tapas like this comfy dress with pockets. Important note: it is totally acceptable to wear a sundress with trainers, and maybe that blazer you packed earlier.
  6. Crossbody bag instead of a purse. This is for several reasons. Where we are in Spain is low on crime but high on theft. Having a crossbody like this one is great for keeping euros, your passport, and your fave lipgloss but also makes you less of a target for getting mugged or your purse snagged off your shoulder.
  7. Euros. We were surprised when we got here at how many places we needed them and we only had our debit cards when we arrived. Parking, taxis, etc. It’s good to come prepared.
Spain at daybreak

Those are my must-haves. Obviously, check the weather and think about the activities you have planned.
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Have you ever visited Spain? What would you add to this list?
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