They’re lying to us about self-care Sunday.

Angela Piper
3 min readMar 18, 2022

What they’re selling us about self-care is bullshit.

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Yea, I said it. When the idea of self care started gaining popularity, I noticed it fell into one or two categories. Either it was “make time for a hot shower, a good cup of coffee, time to read a book” or it was “have a spa day, buy yourself a new designer handbag, go on a vacation by yourself!”.

Let me tell you why I hate both alternatives.

  1. The first kind of self care leads us to believe that basic parts of everyday life should now be moments we cherish as “extras”.

Now, as a Mom, I know that a hot shower is not always a possibility, and getting to actually enjoy one (without the phantom cries, or someone barging in on you) does feel like self-care. What I mean is, you shouldn’t me made to feel like making time to shower is a reward for the stressful parts of your life.

2. Taking care of yourself is NOT the same as self care.

You deserve to have things like a hot shower and a cup of coffee and a hot meal each day. That is not the same as self-care. At least not the way that the media and mental health experts want you to practice it. Just like staying adequately hydrated isn’t.

3. The second kind of self-care is an absolute joke for the middle class moms who need it the most.

A spa day?! When am I supposed to schedule that in between shuttling kids, working from home, laundry, grocery shopping, extended family obligations, church, extracurriculars, oh, and a hot shower. Many of us struggle to make the time for a proper haircut or doctor’s appointment. Where in the world would I fit that in. Let alone a trip where I don’t have to pack 3 additional suitcases for the rest of my family and plan the entire itinerary.

4. Many of the things in the secondary camp for self-care are not financially feasible for the people they’re targeted at.

Listen, I would love to Anna Delvey it and head to La Mamounia whenever I need to unwind, but that’s not my reality.

Inventing Anna La Mamounia

Here’s what I think self-care really is.

Self-care can only truly be defined by you. I am in an incredible community where we all shared what self-care looks like for us.

It’s different for everyone. (However, one of our tribe shared that she has a good shower cry when she’s overwhelmed and all of the mamas in the group said Amen.)

The most important thing about your self-care routine is that it allows you to reset. That is what it’s really about.

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